Whiz Kids Tutoring Program
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The Whiz Kids Tutoring Program is Offered by:

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Why Choose the Whiz Kids  Tutoring Program?

It's been said that to successfully teach children or adolescents, all you need do is play with them.

We tend to agree.

For most of a student's formative years, the primary mode of learning is play itself.  It is simply how children and adolescents learn best.  The Whiz Kids Tutoring Program is designed to accomodate that learning style by using the joy of play as a bridge to knowledge and understanding.  It is a bridge that students will cross eagerly... again and again.

The program is specifically designed to be compatible with the learning  mode of school age students by interweaving traditional teaching methods with games and activities that are supportive of the learning process.  Students learn to tackle academic challenges in ways that are engaging, meaningful and also fun.

The program is highly adaptable to a variety of learning styles and is especially effective for those students who have been identified as having learning or behavior disorders.  Students are gently encouraged to follow their curiosity, to think creatively and to work both independently and cooperatively as problem solvers as they explore and develop their personal strengths. 

For children and adolescents, the learning process can be a joyous experience when closely intertwined with the spirit of play.  They not only develop a confidence in their ability to learn but acquire a love of learning that can last a lifetime.  These qualities have often been called the "foundation of success".  We tend to agree with that as well. 
May we help you build it?


Math                              Reading

Phonics                         Language Arts  

Social Studies                Science

History                           French/Spanish

Music                             Creative Writing

Geography                     Literature

Classroom Skills:                       Study Skills:                     Personal Growth:            
Listening Comprehension               Dictionary Usage                  Journaling
Following Directions                        Making Analogies                 Goal Setting
Note Taking Methods                       Making Inferences                 Relaxation Techniques 
Test Taking Strategies                     Organizational Skills             Positive Focusing
Communication Skills